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SecurAssist is an employer/institution program and not a service for individual participants.

Global Security Services

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who we are

SecurAssist protects your company’s people, assets and operations worldwide by monitoring and analyzing global security events in real time and identifying who or what may be at risk. We provide both proactive and reactive support via intelligence analysts, security professionals and technologists who bring first-hand experience from military, intelligence agency and law enforcement backgrounds.

SecurAssist services are only offered to Assist America clients. Assist America, Inc., is the world’s largest provider of global emergency assistance in partnership with insurance benefit plans.

CASE STUDY: Student extraction from hurricane aftermath


Locate and evacuate Laura, a student who had just started her study abroad semester in San German, Puerto Rico – a location recently ravaged by Hurrican Maria.


SecurAssist arranged a team consisting of a security consultant and a driver with an SUV and satellite communications equipment to travel to Laura’s last known location. Upon finding Laura, the security team brought her to San Juan’s airport where a cargo plane that had brought supplies to the island was waiting to take her back to mainland U.S.

How it works

As an Assist America member company, there is no cost to register for the SecurAssist program. Upon completing the registration process, you will be contacted by a member of our SecurAssist operations team to discuss your company’s security needs. Your company will also gain access to our invaluable security intelligence information and real time updates.