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SecurAssist is an employer/institution program and not a service for individual participants.


Global Intelligence Services

As an Assist America member company, there is no charge to enroll with SecurAssist. Following activation, your company benefits immediately from valuable educational and preventative resources.

Soon after enrollment, our SecurAssist operations team will contact you to discuss your security and travel-related concerns. We will also refine your initial enrollment application information to make sure we have the necessary data to respond quickly to any crisis or need you may have. You will then have the peace of mind of knowing that our security specialists are on call for help and consultation 24/7.


The SecurAssist team is with you through every step of the travel process


  • Location-specific security briefings
  • Travel safety overview
  • Unforeseen event response planning
  • Itinerary assessment


  • Real-time regional monitoring and security feeds for the traveler and employer
  • Personal protection assessment
  • Emergency evacuation consultation
  • In-country security contacts and safehouse coordination


  • Travel debriefing
  • Medical outbreak alerts
  • Ongoing regional updates
*Only enrolled members have authorization to contract our elite emergency response services.


Our customized planning and operational support is available only to enrolled members. The scope of these services, which can involve anything from tapping into global government resources to activating highly-trained teams for perilous situations, understandably requires additional charges. Talk to your Assist America representative for more information about our discounted fees.


Conditions around the world can vary greatly from place to place, with differences in religious beliefs, ethical standards, political stability, financial solvency, climates, crime rates and more. Travelers to any region, even seemingly “safe” destinations, can encounter threats to their security. SecurAssist offers a variety of services that help ensure these risks are mitigated:

  • Briefings and seminars on international travel security
  • High-risk environment training
  • Transportation and special event security


When it comes to ensuring an individual’s security during travel, our guiding principal is client protection above all else. We model our protective services (also referred to as “executive protection”) along the same standards of the U.S. Secret Service, with the added enhancement of our own on-the-ground experience. We employ meticulous planning, preparation and operational techniques to ensure our clients are secure and stable in any environment or situation, anywhere in the world. Our protective services, which are delivered with discretion and privacy, include:

  • Protective escort for large and small threats
  • Complete threat assessments
  • Safety training programs


Few companies finish out a year without holding at least one impact-making event—whether it is a shareholder meeting, annual retreat, gala party, hostile merger proceedings or even forced closure—and often such events will be hosted away from corporate headquarters, creating special security needs. Our group has been instrumental in providing synergistic security solutions for large and small scale events, including the Olympic Games, world economic forums, new product launches, conventions, concerts, embassy functions, political fundraisers and more. Services include:

  • Site selection and inspection
  • Transportation planning and security
  • Logistical coordination
  • Contingency and evacuation plans
  • Onsite specialized security teams


Sometimes you might need travel security support services of a sensitive nature, requiring highly specialized experience and classified project management. Projects like this are extremely dynamic and require immediate action. In this area, we offer:

  • Kidnap negotiation and recovery
  • Extraction and repatriation from high-risk areas
  • Selection and training of security personnel
  • Custom programs

SecurAssist is committed to the guardianship of our traveling and expatriate members, and to being a turnkey resource, educated in the nuances of our registered employers’ businesses, in times of need.


In the event of a political emergency situation due to government or social upheaval while a member is traveling outside of their home country, SecurAssist will assist with arranging the member’s evacuation from a safe departure point to the nearest safe haven location (as determined by SecurAssist). If a member cannot obtain commercial transportation to the nearest safe haven location within a time period which will enable them to leave the host country in time to avert imminent bodily harm or comply with the time period allowed to leave the host country according to the orders of the recognized government of that host country, then SecurAssist will assist with arranging for the member’s transportation to the nearest safe haven location available and then to the member’s home country.


If member requires emergency evacuation due to a natural disaster, which makes the member’s location uninhabitable, or the member’s specific location in the host country is deemed uninhabitable by local officials by issuance of an official disaster declaration, SecurAssist will assist with arranging evacuation from a safe departure point to the nearest safe location (as determined by SecurAssist) then to his/her Home Country.

Member must contact SecurAssist no later than five days after member’s host country issues an official disaster declaration or other applicable declaration. SecurAssist will determine the method of transportation most appropriate to ensure member’s safety. If evacuation becomes impractical due to government imposed restrictions, limitations, and activities, SecurAssist will maintain contact with member and advise member when an evacuation is viable or the natural disaster situation is resolved.


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