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SecurAssist is an employer/institution program and not a service for individual participants.



In the event of a political emergency situation due to government or social upheaval while a member is traveling outside of their home country, arrangements for the member’s evacuation from a safe departure point to the nearest safe haven location can be made. If a member cannot obtain commercial transportation to the nearest safe haven location within a time period which will enable them to leave the host country in time to avert imminent bodily harm or comply with the time period allowed to leave the host country according to the orders of the recognized government of that host country, then arrangements will be made for the member’s transportation to the nearest safe haven location available and then to the member’s home country.


If a member requires emergency evacuation due to a natural disaster, which makes the member’s location uninhabitable, or the member’s specific location in the host country is deemed uninhabitable by local officials by issuance of an official disaster declaration, arrangements for an evacuation from a safe departure point to the nearest safe location will be made. Then the member will be transported to their Home Country.

The member or member company must contact the Operations Center no later than five days after member’s host country issues an official disaster declaration or other applicable declaration. The most appropriate method of transportation to ensure member’s safety will be determined by security personnel. If the evacuation becomes impractical due to government imposed restrictions, limitations, and activities, the security operations team will maintain contact with the member and advise them when an evacuation is viable or the natural disaster situation is resolved.

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